Almost Out of Ribbons and Further News

First, we just sent a large batch of Backup Ribbons off to our Social Media Wench of Fabulousness, Danicia. If you will be at Gencon or PAX Prime, hit her up for ribbons! Look for her in the Diversity Lounge at PAX Prime.

Second, due to a happy set of circumstances, we are pleased to announce that renown SF author and screenwriter Steven Barnes not only pledged his support for the Backup Ribbon Project, but also asked for ribbons. He intends to wear one at any cons to which he is invited as a guest. We had a lovely, if brief, chat with him about the importance of men setting a good example at events.

Finally, as a result of Thing the First and Thing the Second, we are down to a mere 35 ribbons. More will be ordered this week. Sadly, there is no possible way to get out the remaining ribbons at SDCC.

However, we are working on some Top Sekrit Plans for an event this fall, so stay tuned!

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CONFIRMED: We Will be at Geek Girl Con!

We are very excited to now be able to officially announce that our panel for Geek Girl Con, Oct. 11-12 in Seattle, has been accepted! Two-thirds of us (ThatWordGrrl and Danicia), along with our special guest Wolfcat, will discuss how geeks got your back. Of course, we will have ribbons, stickers and cards to hand out. We had such a marvelous time last year that we cannot wait to be back there again!




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The Hardest Post We Have Had to Make


It should not be unlikely than many people have read about the horrific news that has come to light about Marion Zimmer Bradley. Her daughter has also come forward about the matter.

This is one of those things from which we wish to recoil. But we cannot.  One of the hard truths we have come to realize in the wake of this is that despite what we may wish otherwise, there is not a thing that Backup could have done to prevent this.  It is just so far beyond the scope of what we envisioned the Backup Ribbon Project to do that we left are struggling to understand the enormity of it.

When it is abuse in the home (although we would not be surprised if it also went on at events), that is at a level beyond our capabilities. This is, as they say, best left to the professionals.

The problem, of course, is that it is well-documented that first responders and ER personnel dread domestic violence or abuse cases. First responders are walking into a volatile situation in which the dynamics can go badly wrong at any given moment, resulting in danger to victims or even to themselves. In the ER, personnel may get conflicting or outright untrue stories as to the source of the injuries (“Janey fell off the swing set again”)

If cases like those surrounding MZB are difficult for trained professionals to handle, we have but no choice to admit that we are out of our league.

That may be all the wisdom we can hope to glean from this. That there are things beyond our abilities to avoid, and the best we can do is provide as much solace and comfort to victims after the fact.  And that is both the hardest thing we can do, as well as the best.





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All Geekiness is Created Equal

We have seen this cartoon from the Oatmeal popping up in regard to the World Cup. Given that one of us lives in Southern California, we are quite well acquainted with the peculiar frenzy that is the World Cup. Add to that the recent Stanley Cup win by the Kings, and there is a whole lotta sports-related whoopin’ and hollerin’ going on in these parts.

And yanno what? Unlike the Oatmeal, we love it, even though we are not hockey or futbol fans per se. Although, we love watching futbol with either Spanish or Italian commentators, because they just have so much fun with it. Who doesn’t want to yell out GOOOAAAALLLL!!! at the top of their lungs?

Here’s the thing. All those people crowded into bars to watch the latest World Cup showdown between Mexico and Croatia or the double-overtime clincher game for the Kings? They are doing their geeky thing, just like those of us who do cosplay, or game, or make music. It’s all about that thing you passionately love and not being the least bit afraid to let your geek freak flag fly.

You cannot tell me with a straight face that fantasy football is not less than six degrees of separation from D&D. Or that people who obsessively follow the baseball stats of their favorite players are that far off from gamers who calculate the best strategy to beat an opponent. It all stems from the love of That Thing, whatever it might be.

And really, so what if the Internet is flooded with Google Doodles referring to the World Cup or the #gokings hashtag is trending on Twitter? How does that take away from your geeky thing, whatever it might be?

It’s all geeky. And it’s all good.

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Winners! Winners! Chicken Dinners!

Wow — you guys came through on our first ever Flash Challenge for Phoenix Comic-con! We have two winners (so far, but some of you might surprise us later on once you have uploaded your pics). You can see their pics on our Pinterest board, along with some other fun stuff from the con.

Once again, we thank the fabulous Jamie Wyman Reddy for supplying all the ribbons and handing them out at the event. Thank her profusely by buying her books, m’kay?

We will most assuredly try to do this again for another event, so you may get a chance to win some cool swag.




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FLASHCONTEST!!! Attn: Phoenix Comic Con Attendees

So real quick-like for anybody attending Phoenix Comic-Con this weekend. The fabulous Jamie Wyman Reddy open-sourced about 150 Backup Ribbons and has them with her at Booth 2432. If you get Backup Ribbons either from her or us and get one to a pro guest, we will have a nifty prize for you.

Here are the rules:

1. Pic or it never happened. It must consist of a pro either holding or wearing a Backup Ribbon. You can put it in comments here, tweet it (be sure to tag us @backupribbon), pin it, or Facebook it.

2. No tagging pros (or anybody, really) without their express consent and understanding. Yes means yes, people!

3. Nope, that about covers it.

Ready? Set? GO!!!!

(Bigger post coming soon about that whole San Diego Comic-Con “if we have a real anti-harassment policy it might make people think we have a problem with harassment” debacle!)

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: Our panel at Clockwork Alchemy went off beautifully! Given that harassment can be a very sensitive topic, it was great that everyone had good comments, suggestions, and questions. Thanks so much to my fellow panelists, as well as audience members. Your continued support is what keeps us going.

The Good: If you will be at Phoenix Comic-Con on June 5-8, the wonderful Jamie Wyman Reddy has got your back. We must think of an awesome prize to anyone who gets a ribbon to Nathan Fillion, Bruce Campbell, or John Barrowman! Of course, pics or it never happened!

The Bad: That we did not have more time at Clockwork Alchemy to chat with people and attend panels. Perhaps next year.

The Ugly: We are saddened at the events that unfolded at UCSB mere hours after our panel at Clockwork Alchemy. The tragedy strengthens our commitment to the notion that everyone should have backup when they need it. Once again, we care not your gender, orientation, sex, or presentation. You want us, we will be there.

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